Privacy Policy for IDNT Online Services

Last modified: January 2015

This data protection declaration applies to all IDNT online services and the associated offers, unless otherwise stated in an offer.

IDNT Online Services may allow you or your end users to purchase or use third party products or online services with different privacy practices. These products and online services are subject to their respective privacy statements and policies.


These terms and conditions apply to the organization or company (hereinafter referred to as "Customer") which has commissioned IDNT Online Services. The references in this provision to "you" or "your" refer to our customer, who in turn can provide online services to its end users. IDNT is not responsible for the privacy and/or security practices of our customers, which may deviate from these regulations. End users should therefore forward requests for data protection and privacy to their administrator or the customer/provider of the online service.

Customer data

Your customer data will only be used to provide online services to customers, including the purposes compatible with the provision of these services. IDNT will not use this customer data for any advertising or similar commercial purposes. "Customer Data" includes all data including text, sound, video, image files or software provided to us by you, on your behalf or by your end users through the use of our online services. Excluded from this are administrator data and user account data as well as payment or support data as defined below.

Administrator data

Administrator data is information about the administrators of the online service provided by us acting on behalf of our customer, including information about developers of applications hosted or developed within the framework of the commissioned online service. This information may include the name, address, telephone number, and email address of the administrator or developer. We use this information to manage the online service and related user accounts as well as to detect and prevent fraud.

We may contact administrators or developers on issues such as billing, security updates and security advisories, as well as other technical issues. Administrators cannot log out of this communication because it is necessary for operation. However, we will adhere to the best possible contact preferences of the administrators (telephone or e-mail).

User Account Data

User account data is information required for the authentication and authorization of administrators and end users to online services. This includes your chosen pseudonym and display name as well as the information you have provided to verify your user account and the access authorizations stored by administrators.

User account data will be stored by IDNT for the duration of the use of the IDNT online services and will be used exclusively for the purpose of secure access to these services.

Payment Data

Payment data is all data necessary for the processing of a payment transaction. This includes, for example, the means of payment, name and billing address. This data is stored by us within the framework and for the duration of the transaction. If it is a recurring payment, we store this data for the duration of the subscription. Some data must remain stored even after a transaction in order to comply with legal regulations, for example. This includes, for example, the billing address, which remains stored as part of the invoicing process for the duration of the statutory retention period.

Support Data

Support data means all information that we collect or receive from you in the course of a support request. Support can be provided by telephone, e-mail or online chat. With your permission, we may use a remote access session to temporarily share the contents of your screen with our support staff. All communication will be saved until the end of the support request. In the case of a chargeable enquiry, the complete payment represents the conclusion of the enquiry. We may also store the information from your request for training purposes after completion. In this case, we will delete any personal information that may be stored about you from the stored information.

For customers with maintenance contracts or special support agreements, different terms and conditions may apply, which you will find in the respective terms and conditions.

Cookies and similar technologies

The use of cookies and similar technologies such as web beacons as well as the usage of social media services is defined in our Cookie Policy.


IDNT may instruct subcontractors to provide services on behalf of IDNT. Subcontractors will only receive data that is absolutely necessary for the provision of the service. The use of the data for other purposes is prohibited. Subcontractors are also obliged to comply with IDNT's data protection regulations.

Data Forwarding

IDNT will not disclose customer information to third parties unless (1) instructed by you to do so, (2) authorized by an end user, (3) described here or in any other agreement with you, or (4) required by law.

IDNT does not disclose any data to law enforcement agencies unless required by law. If IDNT is contacted by a law enforcement agency with a request for customer data, we will try to refer this authority directly to you. If we are required by law to disclose customer information to a law enforcement agency, we will notify you immediately and provide you with a copy of the request, unless we are legally prevented from doing so.

Unless we are legally obliged to pass on customer data to a third party, IDNT will reject this request and inform you immediately. If it is a valid request and IDNT could be obligated to disclose customer data, IDNT will instruct the third party to redirect the third party to require you to disclose the customer data directly.

In no event will IDNT allow a third party to directly or indirectly access to customer data in any form whatsoever. This also applies to enquiries in which IDNT is aware that the requested customer data should not be used for the purpose specified in the enquiry.


We have taken appropriate technical or organizational measures to protect your information from loss, destruction, alteration, disclosure or unlawful access. For further information, please refer to the description of the respective online service.

Data Storage Location

IDNT stores customer data of customers and first-time users from the European Economic Area and Switzerland exclusively within the European Union. Excluded from this are user account data, which can also be stored beyond the borders of the European Union. Please note that this provision only applies to online services provided by IDNT. If you use IDNT to commission services and applications from third parties, the regulations of the corresponding provider apply.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

IDNT updates this Privacy Policy from time to time to take into account changes to online services or feedback from customers, partners and users. Changes will be identified by a modified "Last Updated" date at the beginning of these terms and conditions. In the event of fundamental changes relating to the use of information by IDNT, either a notice will be displayed on the information pages of the IDNT Online Services as soon as these changes come into effect, or you will receive a notification directly from IDNT. In the event of a conflict between the terms of any agreement you have entered into with IDNT and this Privacy Policy, the terms of this Privacy Policy will prevail.

You contact at IDNT

If you would like to give us feedback on this privacy statement or if you feel that we do not comply with this obligation, please contact your personal contact at IDNT or use our Privacy Policy Contact form.

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