IDNT Success-Story

Titan Commerce Continental Services GmbH

Founded in 2000, the company is specialized in the marketing of products from international hardware and software manufacturers as well as start-ups in Europe. The focus is on high-tech and special network and communication technology as well as state-of-the-art medical technology and bio- and neurofeedback products.

The company, which operates in Europe and the USA, has extensive experience and specialist knowledge in the individual product segments. The sales channels include own online offerings, close cooperation with distributors, specialist dealers and Internet marketplaces as well as the sale of mobile apps via the app stores. For the successful cooperation with international suppliers and customers as well as for the operation of its own online offers and the connection to distributors and marketplaces, Titan Commerce relies today on the most modern cloud technology provided and operated by IDNT.

High-tech (not only) from Silicon Valley

From the company location in Central Hessen, Titan Commerce maintains intensive contacts to numerous companies with solutions to new requirements or also fresh ideas to existing technology. The major innovations have long since come not only from Silicon Valley, but increasingly also from Berlin, Lisbon or other European locations where successful and former startups gather. The good connections to the Valley still offer a good insight into new trends and technologies. Manufacturers such as Datacom, USRobotics or Packet Design, who have long established themselves successfully
in the market, also rely on the specialists at Titan Commerce. In addition to the good knowledge of the market, the technological understanding required for the international marketing of high-tech products is of primary importance here. Special products developed in-house, for example for the medical sector, round off the portfolio of the ISO 9001 certified company.

Technology that supports business and employees

Information technology was purchased and operated in-house for a long time. An inflexible and costly undertaking, as Hans-Georg Bieschke, Managing Director of Titan Commerce reports. The integrity and availability of all information as well as the security of the systems must always be guaranteed. From the ongoing control of backups, the ongoing updates required and the associated maintenance costs to the ongoing up-front investments required to avoid resource bottlenecks and to update systems, these all hinder day-to-day business. And even with these investments, the infrastructure does not offer the desired flexibility and conditions for modern, efficient working with international partners and in rapidly growing markets.

This must be possible in a different way, too, as the realization and the path with it was sketched out.

How 9 servers for virtualization became three two one none

The story began with an increasingly full server room, an air conditioning system that could hardly keep it at the right temperature and the desire to introduce a new merchandise management system. It should also be much easier and more secure to exchange data with partners in the future.

Several reasons to rethink the existing infrastructure. In our analysis of the existing infrastructure on site, we found an infrastructure that exceeded our expectations, was partly redundant and could be further expanded. Nevertheless, it quickly became clear in joint discussions that the future path must be a different one. Not least to meet the demands of employees for a modern working environment that enables them to work creatively and more efficiently.

After looking at the solutions offered by IDNT and the possibility to gain flexibility and achieve the desired goals faster, the decision was made quickly.

In the first step, the implementation partner introduced the new ERP system parallel to the existing application in the cloud environment provided by IDNT. In the course of connecting the new merchandise management system, the existing online offerings were also migrated to the powerful and scalable cloud environment, as was the secure connection to marketplaces and payment providers.

In a further step, the data from existing file servers and a locally used Sharepoint Intranet were migrated to Sharepoint as a component of Microsoft Office 365 and partly restructured there to enable optimal working with OneDrive for Business, among other things.

Local systems for user logon and rights management were migrated to the cloud counterpart Azure Active Directory, and workstations were updated to Windows 10 and integrated into the cloud-based device management. Other previously locally operated applications have also been migrated to the cloud and are now reliably available to users on any end device as a remote app.

Existing e-mail and groupware systems were migrated to Exchange Online and used to implement GoBD-compliant e-mail archiving.

In the course of the conversions, numerous processes could be automated or made significantly more efficient. Microsoft Flow or the IDNT Cloud Connectors were used for this, for example.

The gain in efficiency and new possibilities

Due to the good planning and cooperation in the gradual migration, isolated fears that the project could hinder the daily work too much prove to be completely unfounded. The cloud environment was able to automate or simplify numerous processes, allowing employees time to explore new opportunities and ways of working. They can fully concentrate on their activities without being limited by IT bottlenecks. The availability of information has been significantly increased, as has the reliability and protection of data.

Ready for the future

With the almost limitless technical possibilities now available, Titan Commerce can look calmly into the digital future. After a very short time, numerous new projects have already emerged which pave the way into the future and drive new innovative ideas forward. Projects that would hardly be possible without the technologies and flexibly usable tools from the cloud and the costs that are easy to calculate.