6 good reasons for moving to the cloud

Are you curious about the cloud but still unsure whether this is the right solution for your business? We show you good reasons for moving to the cloud and how we can help you.

The technological progress requires constant attention. Who hasn't spent hours or even days with computer, software, network or update problems. Valuable time which you lack for your business and ultimately also in the private sector.

Smaller companies in particular are now tackling this problem with cloud computing. By investing in a clever combination of cloud software and services, much of this time is a thing of the past. In addition, it can significantly increase the security of your data without additional effort and simplify many workflows.

Perhaps the most obvious reasons for moving to the cloud are the following:

1 Access from wherever and whenever

Many things require a quick reaction. This is not always easy without access to information.

With cloud solutions, secure access to important information becomes possible from any device and wherever you are.

2 Things are more fun when working together

Anyone who works with e-mail on a daily basis will know that this is not always the most productive method of communication and often a real time-consuming process.

Cloud solutions bring much more efficient methods such as simultaneous processing of documents with immediately visible changes, chat and video functions, which can also be used for online meetings with customers and suppliers, for example, or a simple data exchange without gigantic file attachments to an e-mail.

3 Data is stored more securely

Data backup. Many people will immediately ask themselves questions about their own data backup already when reading this word. Some people only think about the consequences of losing data when it is too late.

With cloud services, your data is automatically and completely backed up. The data is also protected against technical malfunctions and external influences such as a power failure, thunderstorms, technical defects or simply a human error.

4 You will save money

Just do the math. Costs for hardware, software, updates, maintenance and power requirements. You will be amazed at the costs if you try to recreate the technical possibilities of the Cloud in-house or simply expecting the minimum requirements for your daily business.

Cloud solutions make things easy to calculate and often the move to the cloud pays for itself just by the savings in the organisational effort for the operation of your own IT.

5 You gain flexibility

You have a new idea or a project with an indefinite time frame? In the meantime, this usually also means an expensive upfront investment in IT infrastructure.

In the cloud, you can adjust performance to your current needs at any time. Without upfront investments or time expenditure. You can start immediately. If you no longer need a service, you can simply cancel it.

6 Experts always at hand

We are upgrading our software. Hearing this sentence already makes some employees think they will either come home early because nothing works or they have to spent longer time in office to fix things.

In the cloud, the software provider or experts trained in, will take over the software updates in the background and ensure a smooth process that does not hinder your work. Updates are carried out continuously, which means that the usual update and upgrade problems do not occur. However, should a problem arise, you always have experts on hand to help you directly.

The benefits of moving to the cloud are therefore undeniable. With the right cloud service, you get the agility and flexibility to successfully focus on your business.

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