Office 365 and Microsoft 365

Create the working place of the future with Microsoft Office 365 and IDNT Managed Office. Lets explore the advantages for your company  - whether small or large - together with our experts. Find out more here: Office 365 or learn more about the new Microsoft 365 turnkey solution

Microsoft Exchange and Productivity

Hosted at IDNT, Exchange Online, in-house, or as a hybrid solution: We have the right solution for your requirements. We also offer hosting of applications such as Microsoft Sharepoint and Skype for Business. Learn more about our solutions for Business Email and Productivity

Managed Multicloud

Integrated is already a part of our company name and this is where our greatest strengths lie. We operate, connect and manage cloud solutions and help creating an agile and reliable IT landscape as the engine for innovation and productivity for your company.

Managed Hosting

Whether small or large projects, with our first-class cloud hosting for Wordpress, Typeo3, Shopware, Magento, Sharepoint and many other solutions you benefit from over 20 years of experience in the operation of hosted applications.

Internet / Network Access

Whether radio, fiber or copper, we ensure a fast and secure data connection of up to 10 Gbit/s with constant quality and reliability.

Sharing Expertise

Our work requires in-depth knowledge from the most diverse areas of computer science. We can fall back on a broad spectrum of knowledge and experience from more than 20 years and a rich network of proven experts, which we will gladly use to contribute to your projects.

Cloud Hosting mit leistungsfähigen Intel Prozessoren. Enterprise Hardware von Dell Computer für unsere Cloud Lösungen. Netzwerktechnik von Cisco Systems für unsere Cloud Umgebung. Netzwerktechnik von Mikrotik zur Cloud Anbindung IDNT ist Microsoft Tier 1 Cloud Solution Provider In-House oder Hyprid-Cloud mit VMWare IDNT ist Mitglied im eco Verband der Deutschen Internet Wirtschaft e.V. Eurocloud Deutschland e.V. Cloud Lösungen mit Enterprise Hardware von Hewlett Packard.

Modern and resposnsive workplaces with managed solutions by IDNTThe Cloud Workplace of the Future

Reduce IT costs, gain flexibility, promote collaboration, increase security and create the workplace of the future? With the IDNT Managed Office, you can set up your company for the future regardless of its size. Talk to our experts and we will find the tailor-made solution for your company together with you.

Cloud Hosting for Blogs and Websites

For small and large websites, blogs and landing pages. Our Content Delivery Network optimizes content prior to delivery and ensures a fast and secure surfing pleasure.

Cloud Hosting for e-Commerce

The IDNT Managed Cloud provides the scalable and secure IT infrastructure for your online shop. Our cloud services will offer superior features helping you to create the perfect shopping experience for your customers and allow you to concentrate on your business without worries.

Infrastructure and Software as a Service

Free yourself from rigid and expensive infrastructure. The IDNT Cloud dynamically adapts to your business processes and users. Hourly billing and, if desired, 24/7 support of your applications by our experts with guaranteed availability and service times.