Managed Services from IDNT

Our managed services ensure the smooth operation of your IT environment.
This gives you new freedom to concentrate on your business.

We specialize in the secure and uninterrupted operation of IT infrastructure and applications. The core of our services is our extensive experience in the area of cloud computing, network technology and the design and development of distributed and system-related components for the operation of the infrastructure.

Whether in-house IT, public cloud or hybrid cloud solution: The focus is on finding the best possible IT solution for your requirements and operating it reliably and securely. In doing so, we draw on our knowledge gained from many years of experience in operating heterogeneous system environments and the development and operation of our cloud products.

Our support agreements

As one of the few cloud computing service providers, we also offer a large part of our managed services for third-party cloud products. You will receive a permanent contact person, who will take over the entire coordination on request.

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure Support

We are there whenever you need us! IDNT Infrastructure Support is a support agreement which is particularly suitable as a supplement for your in-house IT or development. We support you with assistance in the design of the system architecture, configuration, optimization and security topics, as well as software development. This agreement can only be made for the IDNT Cloud environment.

from EUR 50,00 / month
SysOp Managed Support

SysOp Managed Operations

SysOp Managed Operations is a support agreement that manages the infrastructure for you. From installation and configuration to update management and monitoring of system availability and much more, IDNT takes care of the work for you. This also includes the services of Infrastructure Support. The agreement may be made for IDNT Cloud products, In-Hous IT or third party products.

DevOps Managed Support

DevOps Managed Automation

DevOps Managed Automation includes IDNT Infrastructure Support, SysOp Managed Operations and IDNT CloudWatch. In addition, we take over the automation of your entire system and application environment. The entire environment is illustrated in the form of versionable program code. All changes are monitored and can be tracked at any time. If necessary, these can also be reversed immediately. This allows new and complex installation processes to be controlled within a very short period of time with fixed environmental parameters. This agreement can be made either for the IDNT Cloud environment only or for your entire IT environment.

IDNT CloudConnect

IDNT CloudConnect securely and reliably connects mobile or fixed locations of your company, data centers and/or public and private cloud environments. We also support third-party cloud products such as VMWare vCloud, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and OpenStack to seamlessly integrate them. This results in a scalable and agile IT environment - individually tailored to your requirements. Optionally with 24x7x365 monitoring by IDNT and integration in IDNT CloudWatch for monitoring of service level agreements.

IDNT Cloud Connect

IDNT CloudWatch

IDNT CloudWatch monitors the performance data of your internal and/or external infrastructure. The services include, among other things:

» Early detection of performance problems
» Support in resource planning and performance optimization
» Alerting and executing proactive measures in the event of a malfunction
» The planning of maintenance work
» Monitoring for compliance with service level agreements
» Recording and processing of system messages

IDNT CloudWatch is operated entirely via the browser and data can be processed further via common interfaces such as graphite as JSON or XML. Data can be captured using virtually any data source and standards such as SNMP. Specially adapted test methods can also be easily integrated via a Nagios-compatible interface.

Depending on the type of fault, our network or application support can take care of troubleshooting or, if necessary, coordinate work with third parties.

IDNT Cloud Watch