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IDNT offers resilient IT solutions for companies of almost any size - from self-employed persons to the largest medium-sized companies. Our solutions always focus on our customers as partners, followed by cost-effectiveness, transparency and reliability. This naturally also includes the possibility of simple and safe use by the user.

Over the years, we have always used our innovative spirit to improve our resilient solutions and we have helped to shape numerous industry developments. A partnership-based cooperation secures the value and future orientation of our solutions for our customers.

A clear strength lies in our broad positioning and the broad spectrum of knowledge that goes along with it. This is not only reflected in our products, but also enables us to offer a particularly broad range of solutions for our customers' individual requirements. From the development to the operation of complex network structures, from highly available and high-performance web services, distributed applications, interfaces and secure authentication and access controls to the development of our own measurement and control systems, we have experienced expert knowledge directly in-house.

With our experience and a network of highly qualified experts, we therefore offer our customers a competent point of contact for countless requirements from the most diverse IT areas.


Hightech für Ihre Projekte

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Intel Dell Computer Hewlett Packard

We work with our own infrastructure, which is specifically designed to meet the highest standards of security and reliability. Our guiding principle is "No single point of failure". In order to achieve this, we rely on carrier-grade hardware from first-class hardware manufacturers such as Hewlett Packard or Dell, which is already fully redundant and tried and tested in practice, and keep it redundant in all core areas. Partly even by using comparable systems from another manufacturer and/or distributed over different locations. The same applies to all critical services in our infrastructure, which are also available at least redundantly.

The core of our infrastructure is the IDNT AppFabric and the IDNT CloudStack. These software components are responsible for asynchronous control of all processes in the IDNT Cloud environment and allow a flexible and dynamic adaptation to the requirements of our customers.

Datacenters & Connectivity

The IDNT infrastructure is operated in special data centers with direct connection to large Internet nodes such as the Frankfurt DE-CIX. With a usage of up to 4 terabits/second, DE-CIX is one of the world's largest Internet exchange nodes and belongs to the ECO Association of German Internet Business, in which IDNT is also a member. Our data centers have first-class security features and enable self-sufficient and uninterrupted operation 365 days a year.

Technology Partners & Memberships

Intel We rely exclusively on systems with high-performance Intel Xeon processors that meet the performance requirements of professional enterprise applications.
Nvidia For applications with a particularly high demand for floating point processing power, we offer special systems equipped with Nvidia GPUs. Thanks to Nvidia GPU's we finally know since 2013 that the 500,000,000,000,000,065th digit of? is the number 1. Thanks.
HP Hewlett Packard is one of our oldest and to this day unbeaten partners in the field of reliable, high-performance and scalable server systems. We would like to thank the first-class engineers behind these systems, who have never let us down.
Dell Dell recently joined Hewlett Packard as one of our partners for scalable and highly available server systems.
Oracle/Sun Although Sun systems are rarely found in our company these days, they have served us for countless years and to this day a Sun Fire under Solaris holds our availability record. We would like to thank the developers of Solaris for their excellent work.
Cisco Who doesn't know them? The standard in the field of network infrastructure and of course numerously represented in our company.
Mikrotik In this region rather unknown by the mainstream, this manufacturer from Latvia with its cloud core routers is one of our absolute favourites for IP routing components in smaller network and office areas.
Microsoft Microsoft is one of our most important partners in many areas. We are equally at home on Microsoft as in the Linux world. Whether it's the outsourcing of business applications or complete office and communication solutions, we offer almost the entire Microsoft portfolio with proven IDNT support. We also offer comprehensive support for software developers.
Vmware We are also at home in the enterprise virtualization platform of VMWare. We offer comprehensive solutions here, especially in the hybrid cloud sector.
ECO The ECO Verband der Deutschen Internet Wirtschaft is one of the largest associations for the Internet industry in Europe, in which IDNT is a member too. The aim of the association is to expand Germany as an attractive location for secure and trustworthy Internet services and to promote the networking of companies as well as to create technology-oriented market conditions. The association is active in numerous national and international committees.
Eurocloud The Eurocloud Association exists in numerous European countries and is an association of companies from the cloud computing industry. The goal is to create a framework for secure and trustworthy cloud services.


If you enjoy an open-minded approach to new tasks and the use of proven technology, or even completely new developments in a wide variety of areas, then we offer an exciting, familiar working environment without rigid structures and hierarchies and with great partners, customers and opportunities.

In addition to a free choice of working time and location, we also offer numerous extras and specials such as our Muppet Lab Days. On these days you can use your working time to research new ideas and approaches independently of your daily work or to carry out your own ideas and experiments.

If you decide to work in the office and would like to relax a little, you can use the nearby sports park at any time, including fitness facilities, sauna and relaxation zone. In summer, you can also work in the sun and enjoy our barbecue for a "culinary experience" or the cosy beer garden with restaurant across the street. Parents have kindergarten, nursery school and a comprehensive school within walking distance. Nice four-legged friends are also welcome at work.

Do we have your interest? Then we would be pleased to meet you! Please send us your CV and information about how you would like to support us with your knowledge and skills. Contact person is Mr. Marcus Zoller.