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Learning for the 21st century

IDNT provides you with the technology to teach students the skills they need to shape our future. Use relevant, modern technology for your classroom at particularly favourable conditions or in some cases even free of charge.

Microsoft Education

Benefit from the latest technology for your lessons.

Creating the right environment

We support you in building a comprehensive and relevant learning environment that is equally fun for students and teachers, while at the same time providing the skills for the jobs of tomorrow.

Affordable learning platform

Microsoft Education is an easy to set up and manage learning platform at an affordable price. Flexible use for a single classroom or for the entire school.

Modern Classrooms

Applications designed specifically for learning and collaboration in and outside the classroom make it easier to communicate content and learn the skills required in tomorrow's jobs.

Encouraging creativity

Exploring, experimenting and expressing ideas are important skills in a world with rapidly increasing digitalization. With the right tools, you give students the opportunity to discover and develop these skills.

Modern collaboration in the classroom

Office 365 for Education is free for schools, teachers and students. Access your documents via OneDrive rom any device or browser, or share them with teachers, students and students.

With Office 2016, Office Online or Office Mobile you can work on documents with students at the same time. Office also enables new ways of learning with intelligent features such as Reasearcher and Editor, which help students write, present and process information. In addition, students learn how to use the software required by most employers.

Microsoft Teams is a hub for collaboration in Office 365, and there will be special teaching functions here this year as well. Teachers can manage their entire teaching process in teams - exchange files, make announcements and distribute tasks.

OneNote Class Notebooks improve the quality of collaboration and interactivity by organizing a digital folder for each class. Teachers can organize course content, give feedback to individual students and offer interactive lessons. It can also be integrated directly into your learning management system.

Awakening creativity

Minecraft Education EditionTeach new creative ways with Minecraft Education Edition: Minecraft encourages creativity, problem solving and collaboration.

Minecraft Code Builder makes it easy to learn the basics of computer science by simply programming in a team.

With QuickStarter and Designer in PowerPoint you can easily create appealing presentations.

Inspiring applications from the Microsoft Store for Education enable interactive learning, including LEGO WeDo 2.0, Edmodo and STEM-applications like Arduino IDE.

Specially designed for the classroom

Windows 10 Pro Education and Windows 10s (coming soon) are designed specifically for teaching. Pre-installed equipment developed by numerous manufacturers for teaching purposes is also available at reasonable prices. Windows devices are easy to set up for classroom use by IT generalists and teachers. They are protected against dirt and liquid penetration and have up to all-day battery life.

Windows 10s by AcerWindows 10s by AsusWindows 10s by DellWindows 10s by FujitsuWindows 10s by HPWindows 10s by SamsungWindows 10s by Toshiba

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